How it Started

So much beauty, so little time,
to be given the privilege and skill
to capture just a small portion
of His timeless canvas.
To be enjoyed by generations to come,
is a prayer granted; a prayer fulfilled.

Don Hall was born in London, England and migrated to Canada after World War II in 1947. He purchased a piece of jewelry for his mother (who was already residing in Nova Scotia, Canada) from an art store in Devonshire England. It was a breast pin that looked like a piece of glass with little red roses encapsulated. It was exquisite. He gave it to his mother when he joined her in Canada, however; he had it more than his mother the first year.

Don started to investigate and found out material used was the early form of plastic used in the windshields of the world war II aircraft . From that piece of jewelry Don was self taught, making acrylic jewelry with home made carving tools and using fingers on his left hand as a vise and a Dremel type carving tool in his right hand. Don says he has carved many a rose in his index finger.

Don now uses optical grade acrylic, same as prescription eye lenses and colours the carved cavities with permanent dyes he formulates himself. The dyes are injected into the cavities with a hypodermic needle.

Don and his wife Rebecca have operated as Lakeside Gallery since 1981 and are now located in Clarksville Virginia. The Gallery contains Dons intricately carved one of kind paperweights and table sculptures, Christmas ornaments as well as wild life and religious themes. He hand carves precious opal jewelry set in 14K gold settings. Don enjoys sharing his artistry with others and offers demonstrations in his studio. He uses a technique called reverse intaglio, to gingerly craft lifelike scenes of fish and flowers that look so real people sometimes try to smell the flowers. Make a request and Don will be glad to create a custom scene just for you. Don and Rebecca invite you to stop by Lakeside Gallery, where the charm of their home and their art are sure to delight your eye.

Rebecca is a talented water colour artist whose paintings can be mistaken for oils. She paints both by commission and by desire.

Our artwork is sold only from our gallery or web site and includes a Certificate of Authenticity.